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Re: Hep required

Just thought I could combine the advantages of all the journaling file systems and write my own jfs. Probably to start with, I can write translator for any of the existing journaling file systems and not ext3 ;-)


Ognyan Kulev wrote:

SivaramaKrishnan Nageswaran wrote:

That is fine. There are other existing journaling file systems like JFS, ReiserFS or XFS. Does HURD support all of these file systems? I've infact planned to design and develop a new journaling file system.

None of them has support in the Hurd.

Just curious: why do you want to develop _new_ journalling file system for the Hurd?


P.S. We should made a page in the TWiki about transaction support in the Hurd, given the interest that is raised about this topic from time to time ;-)

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