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Re: K7 discs

Dear Alfred,

On Wed, 2004-08-11 at 16:42, Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
>    The one I take from your link, called:
>    gnumach-20040806--gnumach-1-branch.tar.gz
>    Is that correct?
> That is not my tree.  It contains what you'd get if you checkout GNU
> Mach on 2004-08-06 from the branch gnumach-1-branch.  So it does not
> contain any uncommited patches.

Ok, I might be missing your point.

Here's my story,
I asked for your patch, you said it can be download somewhere
http://www.update.uu.se/~ams/, so I go there, and I download anything
that has 'gnumach' in the name. 

Got that file.
compare eepro100.c with eepro100.c debian's gnumach-20040229.
Found no difference.

Wondering what was in it,
I tried to compile, but doesn't work. I'm not sure why, haven't check
that out. 

Maybe you could tell me where the exact location of your patches really

Best Regards.

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