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GNU/Hurd boot problem

Hi all,

	I installed Debian GNU/Hurd on my i386 system. But I was not able
to boot into it using grub-0.95 (compiled on my GNU/Linux system). It simply
hanged after floppy disk drive detection. Then, I tried booting it using
the grub image at:


and I was successful. Note I had the same entries in the two grub 
configuration files. So I tried compiling grub-0.92 but failed. 
Subsequently I have tried 0.93, 0.94 also. So the situation now is that I can 
boot from floppy disk but not via grub installed from my HD, which obviously
isn't very pleasent. Any solutions/suggestions?

PS: Installing grub image onto HD MBR is an option but that would
prevent me from upgrading grub in the future.

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