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[no subject] RES: Você me reconhece?? Been specially picked to receive our drugs! Re: Bits from the CD team, 2005-03-16 Bug#301345: debian-cd: depends on netpbm and syslinux Bug#304784: impossible to install debian 3.0 r4 with bf24 kernel Bug#306214: There should be MD5 files to check the ISOs Bug#306926: debian-cd: amd64 CD1 is missing nearly all udebs Burning isos for windoze xp CD image daily builds Changes in Debian archive updates for jigdo? Check it out Coordinated hacking at debconf5 Re: could be counted Re: Debian Sarge Snapshot - error in readme emacs split up Re: free linux cds help ( Ajuda ) Here is that amazing information ks How to copy installation CD's to local hard drive? How to create a sarge live CD? Broken "testing" link i need it jekfachob Jigdo Layout for sarge release LFS debian based link errato Linux free CD Location of debian testing bussiness card ISO? Re: Mistake in Readme? Netinst source New dvds and starting to build sources No jigdos this week? old jigdo-files ? Problem downloading the testing DVD-1 Problems downloading CD images Processed: merge 304779 304780 304782 304783 304784 sarge Re: sarge cd1- nonus? Sarge images installer Sarge ISO Images/jigdo templates Sarge jigdo files obselete! Solid New Homes at low rates Testing upgrade question. torrent tracker down? unsubscribe URGENT Us.cdimage very slow Using jigdo for update of 30r4 .iso set woody custom isolinux Woody r5 released The last update was on 13:48 GMT Sun May 05. There are 117 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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