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Re: Problem downloading the testing DVD-1

On Wed, Apr 20, 2005 at 02:34:11PM +0200, annonygmouse wrote:
> Successfully created `sarge-i386-1.iso'
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> Finished!
> ERROR: Checksums do not match, image might be corrupted!

These two messages are really from the same jigdo-lite run?
This Should Not Happen(tm) :-/

You may be one of the first to download the new testing DVD after a "pause" 
of almost a month, maybe a bug crept into the generation process.

> What should I do? Delete the entire DVD and start over?

No, don't delete it! If you really decide to try again in a week (or so), 
when new images become available, then use the loop-mounted .iso file as a 
source for your update. You'll save lots of time and bandwidth that way.

> How can I know that the created image is _really_ corrupted?
> Is there a way to check the md5 checksum of all the packages, in order
> to detect which package/s is corrupt?

There is an md5sum for each package in the .template file, BUT jigdo
automatically verifies all these checksums when it assembles the image. It
would not have output "Successfully created `sarge-i386-1.iso'" if there
had been a checksum mismatch.

IOW: The checksums for the individual files were OK, but the overall
checksum of the image (also stored in the .template) was not. Weird.

I suspect that what you have now is a fully functional and working DVD 
image. There just seems to have been a minor glitch during the creation of 
the .jigdo/.template files.



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