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Re: Using jigdo for update of 30r4 .iso set

On Tue, Apr 19, 2005 at 08:55:27PM -0400, Rodger Castle wrote:
> I do have a question, though.  I had the 2 update isos downloaded and
> decided to use them as additional sources when I jigdo'ed the 'real' 30r5
> isos.  Why, using the 2 update isos and the original 30r4 isos, why does
> jigdo still need to download additional files for each 30r5 iso? I
> thought the 2 update isos had all the files that changed?

Which additional files were downloaded? There should not be any .deb files 
among them. However, jigdo will have to download some Packages files, 
because they are different for each CD - they contain an index of all the 
packages on that CD.


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