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Re: emacs split up

> Still, there are more votes for emacs21 than for emacsen-common, so
> I'm still confused as to why emacsen-common is on cd1, while emacs21
> is on cd3.

This is the script fragment used to order the packages (from

  wget --output-document popcon-inst \
	http://popcon.debian.org/main/by_inst \
  grep -h '^[^#]' popcon-inst | egrep -v '(Total|-----)' | \
	sort -rn -k3,3 -k7,7 -k4,4 | awk '{print $$2}' >> $@

If I read it correctly, the order is sorted using inst, no-file, vote
in that priority.  So the installation count is more important than
usage count when the packages are sorted.

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