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Re: emacs split up

David Schmitt wrote:
> Let's take a look at the numbers:
> 333   emacsen-common                  3791
> 738   emacs21-common                  2171
> 803   a2ps                            2009 
> 1741  xemacs21-support                 879
> Assuming that half of all users use emacs, emacs users use only one version 
> and emacs and a2ps installations are not correlated, we have 2171 (emacs21) + 
> 1004 (a2ps users not using emacs) + 879 (xemacs21) = 4045 installations, 
> quite a margin above the seen 3791.

This is true, and your calculations show that most people  who need
emacsen-common need either emacs21 or xemacs (~3000 of 4000), so it
doesn't help most people to have emacsen-common on cd1 if whatever other
package they need in addition to that is on another cd. both emacs21 and
xemacs21 are on cd3. a2ps is on cd1 but is less popular than emacs21.

On the other hand, the space requirements are obviously totally
different. putting emacs21 on cd1 probably would mean bumping about
twenty other packages off cd1, while a2ps is only 700Kb. That's probably
the deciding factor.

Is this decision process made transparent online somewhere, or is it
just one person doing it by hand? I looked for info on this before
launching this thread, but couldn't find anything.


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