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Re: emacs split up

josh wrote:
> josh wrote:
> > Hmmm, it's an interesting theory, but then why should emacsen-common be
> > on cd 1? Certainly loads of people with popularity contest don't just
> > have emacsen-common installed, and not the rest, eh? :-)
> well, I should look before I speak. Just looked up the popularity stats
> as per Petter's recommendation and link:
> #rank name           inst  vote   old recent no-files (maintainer)
> 333   emacsen-common 3791  1152  1353   398   888 (Rob Browning)
> 704   emacs21        2270  1620   456   194     0 (Rob Browning)
> seems like a number of people have emacsen-common installed, but don't
> need it. Maybe it's cruft that didn't get removed after having
> de-installed emacs? Still, there are more votes for emacs21 than for
> emacsen-common, so I'm still confused as to why emacsen-common is on
> cd1, while emacs21 is on cd3.

emacsen-common is needed for some non-emacs packages like a2ps and
dictionaries-common. See apt-cache rdepends emacsen-common.


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