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New dvds and starting to build sources


Well, it seems we have finally recovered from our latest build problems as
far as cd building goes, so... as we are aproaching release, and we have now
a machine were we can build at a decent speed, we are thinking in building
DVDs for all arches, and to build them, as well as the CDs, including the
sources, this should be happening by the next weekend, if nobody is against
it and we finish the changes for it.

This means that we'll be building 8 more arches for the DVDs and sources for
DVDs and CDs.

I'm comenting this because of the problems this may couse in space on the
machines that mirror and all that, this will be built as jigdos, so that
should be not a big problem if people doesn't then build the isos out of

Anyway, we are looking for comments on this, so if somebody sees any
problem, please drop as a mail here.

Another thing is that we are not building netinst or businesscard cds for
s390, as it didn't seem to make much sense, as s390's won't boot out of that
media, does that continue to be like that? or should we start making netinst
and businesscards either because that has changed or for coherence?

Well, I think that's all for now, we look for comments on all this.

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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