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Re: emacs split up

> It might be better than nothing, but with only approx. 7000
> participants, the popularity-contest is probably a poor basis for
> deciding which packages go on which cd.

Got any better ideas?  Notice, the popcon results are only used as the
last resort.  There are other rules applied before the popcon order is

I suspect that 7000 participants are enough to get a statisticly
fairly good result.  But more is better, of course.

> The problem with the popularity contest is that it e-mails it's
> results (as far as I know) requiring a working local mail server,
> and most people use some web-based pop server for e-mail, and never
> setup exim or sendmail. I know that's why I de-installed
> popularity-contest.

There are patches being worked on to get around that, by teaching
popcon to use http instead.  Need some more testing, tough.

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