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Re: emacs split up

Thiemo Seufer wrote:
> emacsen-common is needed for some non-emacs packages like a2ps and
> dictionaries-common. See apt-cache rdepends emacsen-common.

well, a2ps is farther down the list (#795) than emacs21 (#704).
dictionaries-common is much higher up (#226), but it only suggests
emacsen-common, it doesn't depend on it. After looking at the contents
of emacsen-common, I'm not really sure why dictionaries-common suggests
it at all, but since suggested pkgs get marked for installation
(right?), I guess this would explain why emacsen-common is so high on
the list.


any replies can please bcc me at jbuhl_nospam {at] gmx (dot} de , since
I'm not subscribed.

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