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Re: Problems downloading CD images

--On Friday, April 22, 2005 23:10 +0200 ari.kroyer@c2i.net wrote:

I have tried downloading the Debian woody 3.0 r4 cd-images for 2 weeks
now, using  jigdo. I have been downloading to a win2K machine on which I
will subsequently be  installing Linux.

The problem is likely that debian has moved to 3.0r5 so some of these little bit older pieces and bits are now missing from the 'stable' area.... I would get new jigdos and rebuild your images with r5 -- remember to point it at the old CDs/Downloads so it can keep the content that hasn't changed.

I have not succeeded with CD 5 and CD 7. The following files are the ones
I am  missing:

CD 5:


CD 7:


How can I solve this problem without having to start all over again,
seeing as release  5 has been issued in the meantime?

Please help!

Ari Börde Kröyer

Michael Loftis
Modwest Operations Manager
GPG/PGP --> 0xE736BD7E 5144 6A2D 977A 6651 DFBE 1462 E351 88B9 E736 BD7E

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