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Re: emacs split up

> Is this decision process made transparent online somewhere, or is it
> just one person doing it by hand? I looked for info on this before
> launching this thread, but couldn't find anything.

I believe the debian-boot and debian-cd mailing lists and IRC channels
are the correct place to hang out to participate in the process.  I do
not remember the details, but believe tasksel tasks are selected
before popcon order is considered, trying to get complete tasks
include on the first CD.  From my flaky memory, I believe the order is
something like this (check the debian-cd package for the details):

 - installer-related files (doc, udebs, boot kernels, etc)
 - base packages
 - task packages
 - packages according to popcon install count

Your best hope would be to reduce the base package list and increase
the task list, if you want a package to end up on the first CD.

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