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Re: Problem downloading the testing DVD-1

En/na A E Lawrence ha escrit:
Richard Atterer wrote:

On Wed, Apr 20, 2005 at 02:34:11PM +0200, annonygmouse wrote:

Successfully created `sarge-i386-1.iso'


ERROR: Checksums do not match, image might be corrupted!

These two messages are really from the same jigdo-lite run?
This Should Not Happen(tm) :-/

You may be one of the first to download the new testing DVD after a "pause" of almost a month, maybe a bug crept into the generation process.

I downloaded the new jigdo isos and burnt them to DVDs earlier today: no problems.


I've just installed Debian testing with the first DVD and it worked with one or two small workarounds, the base install went OK, but when it installed the packages (destop user etc.) said that the mpack package was corrupt... I unselected it manually and the installation finished
And also some kind of kernel segfault (I didn't write it down) that I
couldn't reproduce. But this was with kernel 2.4.whatever_is_installed_by_default. After installing kernel-image-686-2.6.8-2 everything worked fine (the Xwindow, printer&scanner needed some tweaking, nothing hard :P ).

Everything seems OK now.

If I have more time I'll look the mpack package...

One doubt, my girlfriend has an HP PSC1315 printer (scanner and printer all in one). Cups has a driver for the PSC1310 that worked perfectly but in order to xsane recognize the scanner I had to install the "hpoj" package. As is a "driver", shouldn't be part of the base system?


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