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i need it



I need Debian. I m trying to download whatever files I could install…


I’m not a newbie but even less a pro.


I started by trying to get the cd1 of debian stable using bit torrent.

It’s not clear. When I get to the ftp server there are two folders: one that says 30r4 and another one that s called current.

Which one I choose?


I tried both through i386 but my bit torrent client (Azureus) says connection error for both versions.


Now I try with jigdo

I get jigdo for windows and unzip it to a folder.

Then I run jigdo-lite.exe and enter http://ftp.ca.debian.org/debian

Not working


Then I try a couple links to the files using different country codes.

Nothing works.

I just want to get the files, nothing more.



Thank you

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