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Re: Problem downloading the testing DVD-1

En/na Richard Atterer ha escrit:
On Wed, Apr 20, 2005 at 02:34:11PM +0200, annonygmouse wrote:

Successfully created `sarge-i386-1.iso'


ERROR: Checksums do not match, image might be corrupted!

These two messages are really from the same jigdo-lite run?
This Should Not Happen(tm) :-/

You may be one of the first to download the new testing DVD after a "pause" of almost a month, maybe a bug crept into the generation process.

What should I do? Delete the entire DVD and start over?

No, don't delete it! If you really decide to try again in a week (or so), when new images become available, then use the loop-mounted .iso file as a source for your update. You'll save lots of time and bandwidth that way.


How can I know that the created image is _really_ corrupted?
Is there a way to check the md5 checksum of all the packages, in order
to detect which package/s is corrupt?

There is an md5sum for each package in the .template file, BUT jigdo
automatically verifies all these checksums when it assembles the image. It
would not have output "Successfully created `sarge-i386-1.iso'" if there
had been a checksum mismatch.

Ok I didn't know that.

IOW: The checksums for the individual files were OK, but the overall
checksum of the image (also stored in the .template) was not. Weird.


I suspect that what you have now is a fully functional and working DVD image. There just seems to have been a minor glitch during the creation of the .jigdo/.template files.

I'm burning it at this moment. I will probably use it this night to install it to my girlfriend. If there's something wrong with the DVD I'll tell you.

If you want me to do some test or something to find the glitch, just tell me. If it's easy and doesn't take me much time (pretty stressed lately) I will gladly help.


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