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Re: Using jigdo for update of 30r4 .iso set

> > Am I correct in assuming that the 2 .jigdo and 2 .template files will
> > update all 7 30r4 sets to a full 30r5 set?
> Almost correct - the 2 update CDs will turn a CD set for that architecture 
> into an up-to-date rev5 set (so there are 14 arch-specific update CDs in 
> total).
> In fact, AFAIK the update CDs will actually turn a _rev0_ (not just rev4)
> set into a rev5 set.
> In other words, giving a customer rev0 CDs plus rev0->rev5 update CDs means
> giving him the same set of up-to-date packages as with rev5 CDs.
I'd really prefer to have a 'clean' 7 (or 6 as the case may be for the different archs) disk set to send.  I don't keep 'preburned' copies around; I burn them as needed.

I'm unclear how to turn these 7 (or 6) 30r4 isos into 30r5 sets.  When I run jigdo-lite on the .jigdo file (1 and 2), it asks where to look for the 'old' one to scan. I'm assuming I can only mount one iso at a time through the 'loop' with mount -o loop <iso> <mount-point>.  Do I have to run jidgo against each iso in turn?


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