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Coordinated hacking at debconf5

Greetings debian-cd hackers etc,

We[1] thought it would be nice to meet up in person before debconf5 and do some debian-cd and cdimage.d.o hacking. The plan is to arrive on friday:ish to have the entire saturday (July 9th) for hacking, before debconf5 starts.

Now, the debconf team wants to know how many we're going to be, so please reply to me (or the list if you want to make this a big announcement to encourage others to come) and tell me if you're going to participate.

The plan is to work on debian-cd and the publishing process for cdimage.d.o and mirrors and related stuff. Hopefully evaluate the sarge release experience and work on the stuff that went wrong.

[1]: Me and Steve McIntyre. Rumour has it that Phil Hands and Jeroen van Wolffelaar are also interested.

/Mattias Wadenstein

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