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Re: Using jigdo for update of 30r4 .iso set

On Tue, Apr 19, 2005 at 06:05:21PM -0400, Rodger Castle wrote:
> I'd really prefer to have a 'clean' 7 (or 6 as the case may be for the
> different archs) disk set to send.  I don't keep 'preburned' copies
> around; I burn them as needed.

Ah, OK - then update CDs are not for you. They are intended for vendors
having large amounts of pressed rev0 CDs.

During the installation, update CDs are scanned by the Debian installer
just like the other 7 CDs, and the newer packages on the update CDs
"override" any older versions on the rev0 CDs.

> I'm unclear how to turn these 7 (or 6) 30r4 isos into 30r5 sets.

When using jigdo, just ignore the update CDs. Let jigdo download the
"regular" set of CDs, and when it asks for "files to scan", supply the
loop-mounted 7 CDs of the old release. jigdo automatically figures out
which packages are not on these old CDs and downloads any missing files.

> When I run jigdo-lite on the .jigdo file (1 and 2), it asks where to look
> for the 'old' one to scan. I'm assuming I can only mount one iso at a
> time through the 'loop' with mount -o loop <iso> <mount-point>.

You can have multiple loop-mounted .iso files. However, there's a limit of
(IIRC) 8 loop devices. (The limit can be changed, search the list

> Do I have to run jidgo against each iso in turn?

Whichever way you like. You can

 - for each of the 7 old CDs:
   - loop-mount the .iso
   - give the mount point to jigdo to scan through the files
   - unmount this .iso. jigdo keeps asking the "files to scan" question 
     until you just press Return

or you can scan the images in one go:

 - loop-mount each of the old .iso images
 - create a directory, fill it with symbolic links to the 7 different mount 
 - give that symlink-filled directory to jigdo for scanning.



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