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emacs split up


two questions:

1) can somebody tell me what the point is of having the emacsen-common
package on the first sarge cd and the rest of emacs on the third? Seems
pretty brain damaged to me.

2) isn't emacs important enough to be on the first cd? It was for woody.
I know several people who were irritated after having jigdo'ed a recent
sarge-snapshot 1st cd, installing, and then wondering where the heck the
rest of emacs is, myself included. We all thought it was a mistake until
we found emacs on cd #3! A standard install includes emacs, and you
should be able to do a standard install from the 1st cd alone.

any replies can please bcc me at jbuhl_nospam {at] gmx (dot} de , since
I'm not subscribed.


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