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Re: Jigdo

At 05:44 AM 4/3/2005, you wrote:
Why Jigdo???? It is slow, it jams,

Really? It works slick here. State your particulars.

Why using this nonsense to get a DVD-iso

I'm sure you can find explanations on the web.

 while the rest of the world is using Bittorent, FTP en P2P.

I like BitTorrent too.

Soon as I finaly get this DVD (probably by buying it in a store) I want to dump a bunch of bittorent files on the web. Cause if you read all forums on the web it seems that I'm not the only one who has a problem with Jigdo

Excellent! I'd do it except I can't afford the bandwidth.

I don't think a BitTorrent seed has to have a big pipe.
Maybe the BitTorrents should be on small pipes that are affordable 24/7.
Then folks with medium to large pipes can join at times of high
demand and everybody can be happy.
Regards, Gordon

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