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[no subject] "Various [Debian] port-like projects" 4 requests in webpage: DWN in news section, splited logos, menu always present and location :::TeleVision Hacking:::Superb HardWare Support:::FreeLiveHelpForums::: あのPCソフトが5000で!!! Re: Añade tu web a Añade tu web a Informação Internet High-speed connection by satellite // connexion haut-débit par satellite Re: Añade tu web a Debian CDs in Österreich Готовый бизнес "под ключ"! [Auto-Reply] Delivered Message ( [Fwd: Re: DSA updates on the web] [Fwd: Re: Typo in French] [GWAVA:1r0274h4] Attachment block message notification [Manual] installer-manual on the website (was: release plans for website?) Re: ADV: Typo on your page alioth webserver time out Application Info from Jernigan ayuda servidor web de debian Re: Bad url broken link broken link ! Broken link in Debian pages Broken link in Bug#262617: screenshots on package pages Bug#263084: "Sexist language" not fact Bug#263084: Please change sexist language in debian (English) webpages Bug#263395: Broken [packages] links on Bug#263535: Add L4 port page Bug#263553: experimental not described on the release page Bug#264031: releases/sarge/errata.wml: no more non-us in sarge Bug#264589: Online manpages, preferably linked by package? Bug#264637: Bug#264637: [pryzbyj: updates] Bug#264637: consultants page out of date Bug#264660: wrong links on Bug#265042: AMD Ports page out of date (broken links, info given) Bug#265175: mirrors list outdated Bug#265388: don't need so deep pngs Bug#265397: broken link to »melix« at /misc/merchandise Bug#266324: suggestion: add links at /vote Bug#266444: Link to PoolFAQ on broken Bug#268381: German mirror does not honor browsers's language settings Bug#268658: Package pages should provide MD5SUMs of contents Bug#269189: Mail server reference card is outdated Bug#98811: Patch for Makefile.common [Was: Re: New page for devel/website] RE: BUSINESS CO-OPERATONS Can You Last 36 Hours? RHh5J check web page links Security Advisories ciabot bug como resulvo las cosas de mi msn Comunicado a empresas de Hosting Czech translation update Dead link Re: Debian CDs in Österreich Re: Debian WWW CVS commit by csmall: webwml/english/CD/vendors index.wml Re: Debian WWW CVS commit by joey: webwml/english/security nonvulns-sarge.wml debian-kbe problem Disregard - Re: distrib/packages - kudos distrib/packages - two things error in packages sorting Re: Forget the doctor, get meds online Free Sports-Related Advertising From:Mr Otto Simon Jimmy. Gana dinero con nuestro programa de afiliados Get resubmitted to search engines Happy Birthday: Debian SVG logo Help Help subscribing to cdwrite help..Pascal Scripting Re: Here is the document hey guy hola How does debian website internationalization work? how is your wfie? HP Un-Support update I'm back! [Incident: 040804-000308] Important News for our Customers. Invasion of privacy INVATION Is Port 1983/tcp used by your website? It would be cool. Konferencja le site ou!!! link link to sarge installation manual login problems Luxembourg misspelled on website Re: Mail Delivery (failure Mensaje enviado por ADV Re: Re: Message mirror path missing link need help with Debian New page for devel/website ntoihng you cant do! Other language fonts on your page. is down. patch for Patch for Makefile.common [Was: Re: New page for devel/website] Patch for webwml/english/CD/vendors/vendors.CD Re: pieces, there was a Please remove my name from thread Please respond in 24 hrs (ref # 590 072 540) Polish version error Possible error in Possible error in (fwd) Problem with content negotiation at Re: Problem with stats on Processed: Re: Bug#263084: Please change sexist language in debian (English) webpages Processed: Re: Bug#266444: Link to PoolFAQ on broken Processed: Re: There is no new version available in unstable Processed: retitle 258968 to xserver-xfree86: [savage] Rotate option broken when RandR extension is active ... Processed: retitle 258986 to xserver-xfree86: [savage] Rotate option broken when RandR extension is active ... ... ... Processed: severity 268658 wishlist Processed: severity of 241950 is important Promoting your business to China release plans for website? Remodel the bathroom? removal reset button? Rsync script to mirror Debian based on anonftpsync Rsync script to mirror i386-only Debian on local network -- SOHO Sarge DVD .jigdo or .template file corrupt Sarge manuals - timeout Seeking Expert witness, or physician, knowledgeable in endocrinology, to give testimony in a Landmark Auto Accident Case seeking your co-operation small four wheel vehicle Software for Search-Engine, Mail, DNS, and more solicito ayuda Some spelling corrections SPAM Su web en subscribe THINK ABOUT TRANSLATORS PLEASE, renaming in devel/debian-installer/News/2004 This is a belated introduction and inquiry about the site content. Thomas Birken ist derzeit im Urlaub. Tiny patch to releases/sarge/errata.wml Tu web gratis en two hundred dollars credit on your first deposit Typo in French Typo in typo on page Typo on your page u disgust me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Una semana en Buzios por muy poco UNSUBSCRIBE Update for devel/website/working.wml URL correction in webwml/*/News/weekly/2004/22/index.wml We search for the best loan for you Weird warning when adding directory Who's using Debian Re: Who's using Debian? Why not wrong mail address wrong screen appearing when looking for cricinfo needs an update? you welcome Your Query Zapatillas The last update was on 03:31 GMT Mon Aug 14. There are 343 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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