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Re: Sarge DVD .jigdo or .template file corrupt

On Tue, Aug 03, 2004 at 05:00:31PM -0400, David M. Carney wrote:
> I built ISO's a few weeks ago, but accidently deleted them.
> I have been trying again to to download them, but jigdo downloads the
> first 10 files, then tries to add them to the temp ISO file and craps
> out with an 153 error before it can get past 50%.

Please describe the problem in greater detail. Copy/paste the last screen
of jigdo-lite's output. How big is the .iso.tmp file that's left behind? 
Which OS/architecture?

> Are the .jigdo and .template files up to date?

Which ones? I haven't heard of any problems with the ones at


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