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Bug#268381: www.debian.org: German mirror does not honor browsers's language settings

> >> Which languages do you have selected? www.de.d.o has apache2 for some
> >> weeks now, which seems to handle some things differently, still
> >> investigating...
> >
> > 1. Hungarian
> > 2. English
> >
> > user_pref("intl.accept_languages", "hu, en");
>  You should set a quality mark for the languages, then.
> "hu;q=1.0, en;q=0.5" works as expected.

It works. Thx.

>  Apache2 seems to see non-qualified qualities as 1.0 (like it is
> specified, iirc) and because they are the same it ranks the languages
> according to the ordering in the webserver settings.

Does it mean that it does not care with the order of languages
configured on client side?
"This is not a bug but a feature" - said the IBM 30 years ago. :->


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