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Re: release plans for website?

On Mon, Aug 02, 2004 at 10:55:38PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> Some of these involve a lot of rewriting and should not go live until
> sarge is released. Any suggestions on a good way to handle that? A
> branch in cvs does not seem very workable. Maybe someone can do some wml
> magic to select different paragraphs depending on whether release/info
> has current_release_name set to woody or sarge?

I will prepare something like that, shouldn't be too hard.
I can also offer to maintain a up-to-date webpage copy with current
release set to sarge so that others can always check how it will look

Frank Lichtenheld <djpig@debian.org>
www: http://www.djpig.de/

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