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Bug#268381: www.debian.org: German mirror does not honor browsers's language settings

* "Gabor Kiss [Bitman]" <kissg@cdata.hu> [2004-08-30 09:03]:
>> Which languages do you have selected? www.de.d.o has apache2 for some
>> weeks now, which seems to handle some things differently, still
>> investigating...
> 1. Hungarian
> 2. English
> user_pref("intl.accept_languages", "hu, en");

 You should set a quality mark for the languages, then.
"hu;q=1.0, en;q=0.5" works as expected.

 Apache2 seems to see non-qualified qualities as 1.0 (like it is
specified, iirc) and because they are the same it ranks the languages
according to the ordering in the webserver settings.

 We should document that more throughly on /intro/cn, I guess.

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