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1st page on Google... Fwd: [Debian-med-packaging] Bug#823673: samtools: FTBFS in testing Fwd: Re: [Pkg-javascript-devel] New home for datatables.js? Any change in blastp? (Was: Bug#824048: python-biopython: FTBFS: AssertionError: 10 != 1) Aw: OpenAPS as in Artificial Pancreas System Aw: Re: OpenAPS as in Artificial Pancreas System Re: Blends integration into the Debian Installer Re: Bug#808475 closed by Gert Wollny <> (Bug#808475: fixed in gdcm 2.6.1-2) Bug#823512: ITP: mypy -- Optional static typing for Python Bug#823512: marked as done (ITP: mypy -- Optional static typing for Python) Bug#825529: ITP: ariba -- Antibiotic Resistance Identification By Assembly cain and soapdenovo2 now reproducible CI plan Debian Med in CentOS HPC environment - how? Debian Med reproducibility overview Debian packaging of phylophlan and using vsearch instead of usearch Exonerate Test Failures fails to build against htslib 1.3.1 GSoC Update Help for Bugs Re: iva_1.0.5-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable, unstable java.util.Properties writer and Re: java.util.Properties writer and reproducibility The Journal of Open Source Software libzeep-fixes commited List of packages without testsuite fetched from UDD (Was: Coding period starting soon ...) MOM information Re: mypy_0.4-1_source.changes REJECTED odil now reproducible on amd64 and i386 Re: Open-source MRI hardware initiative project OpenAPS as in Artificial Pancreas System Re: Packging jModelTest for Debian and versioning plast now reproducible Please choose a free license for eigensoft Re: Please provide source code for Tandem Repeats Finder under a freely redistributable license Fwd: Processing of dcut.Michael_R__Crusoe__michael_crusoe_gmail_com_.1462615038.28130.commands Request for sponsoring: dcmtk to experimental Request for sponsoring: fastqtl Request for sponsoring: galileo RFS : odil 0.6.0-1 RFS: ariba RFS: iva RFS: ray (now builds reproducibly) SMALT and Bowtie2 now reproducible Re: SMALT, Bowtie2 and rna-star now reproducible T-coffee and wise now reproducible Thanks to Sascha for his bug fixing - but we should do more (Was: Strengthening team by fixing other members bugs) toppred and bowtie now reproducible The last update was on 06:02 GMT Wed Jun 05. There are 151 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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