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Re: Open-source MRI hardware initiative project

Hi Lionel,

Just a quick note on one of your questions:

On 09-04-16 18:19, Broche, Lionel wrote:
> Hello Debian-Med team,
> I am a researcher in MRI hardware at the University of Aberdeen,
> Scotland. I am currently working on the development of a completely new
> type of MRI system (see ffc-mri.org), but I would like to avoid the
> traditional route of commercialisation as I see many problems with it.
> Instead, I have been thinking for a while of preparing an initiative for
> the development of open-source hardware in MRI.

> - Would you have any suggestions regarding the conduct of such a
> project? I have no experience in the management of open source projects
> and I am actively looking for documentation about it. In particular, how
> can I organise this project so as to avoid bottlenecks in the future?

I found the book by Karl Fogel [1] to be very helpful in this matter. By
now some of it is a bit outdated, especially regarding the tools to use
(it's from 2005, although the website is more up to date), but the
general points are still valid.

Best of luck with your project.


[1] Karl Fogel, Producing Open Source Software: How to Run a Successful
Free Software Project. http://www.producingoss.com/

> Lionel
> The University of Aberdeen is a charity registered in Scotland, No SC013683.
> Tha Oilthigh Obar Dheathain na charthannas clàraichte ann an Alba, Àir. SC013683.

L.C. Karssen
The Netherlands

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