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Re: GSoC Update

Hi Tanya,

On Sat, May 21, 2016 at 01:59:14AM +0300, merlettaia wrote:
> > Please note that emboss is probably not a good thing to start with since
> > its quite complex.
> >
> > >  pymol                    |  608 |
> > >  rasmol                   |  319 |
> >
> > These both are maintained by the DebiChem team which is no reason to
> > stop us to enhance packages of cooperating teams but as far as I know
> > the packages need upstream upgrades as well which might cause problems.
> > Fixing those problems would be definitely very welcome (I think Tanya
> > announced that she wants to work on one of these).
> >
> Yes :-) If you don't mind I would work on these two packages, or at least
> pymol

Not mind is the wrong word.  I'd be really happy if we would get these
two packages updated to the latest upstream version.  Michael, would you
mind if I migrate pymol from SVN to Git since Tanya is more comfortable
with this.  It might also help if you would add her to the DebiChem team
to enable her direct commit permissions.

Tanya is working on an outreachy project for Debian Med to enhance the
quality of oour packages and since those two packages in our biology
task have high popcon number and she is comfortable with these she wants
to work on these DebiChem packages first.
> Best wishes,

Same to you



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