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Re: cain and soapdenovo2 now reproducible

Hi Andreas,

thanks for the uploads.

> On Sat, May 28, 2016 at 12:08:04AM +0100, Sascha Steinbiss wrote:
>> new batch of newly reproducible packages: cain and soapdenovo2. I have also migrated soapdenovo2 to git and will retire the SVN repo a soon as the package is in unstable.
> Both are uploaded, some small changes for soapdenovo2 added (please git
> pull) and you can now clean up SVN.

Hmm, it seems to gone from SVN already?

> I also noticed some commits to cain on my local disk and tried to merge
> and push.

OK. For cain, I did not bump the Standards-Version as I didn’t want to introduce a new -doc package for the documentation as I didn’t want to have it sitting in NEW just for reproducibility. Separate -doc packages for documentation as recommended by 3.9.7 — but then again it’s only a recommendation ;)


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