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CI plan

Hi, Andreas (and Canberk, and All)!

I saw tests on exonerate and came up with idea what should be tested.
Is is ok if today I'll add several tests to concavity (the package I started to add tests for at starting period), to check results of work with other parameters and simple check of correctness of different types of output formats (as given in package's readme.txt), then try to do lintian checks and hardening for that package?

After that I can continue with conservation-code (because this package is related with concavity) and proceed at the order given in my original timeline plan. Is it ok?

Please correct me if necessary, because I'm not too good at bash scripting (although I can read it).

It is not necessary to move repositories from svn to git - I think it would be faster to try to work on svn (git is just personal preference, because at my previous work I experienced some strange problems with svn - but I'm comfortable with svn).

I must admit I'm not too experienced with bash scripting - although I can read it - please correct me if I'll write something wrong.

Best wishes,

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