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Re: Request for sponsoring: dcmtk to experimental

Hello Mattia, 

> Okay, done, tested, and pushed.  I also pushed the new upstream tag
> > now, forgot to do it before. 
> uploaded, enjoy! :)
> I just did a couple of tiny (hopefully uncontroversial) changes
> before
> it.  I hope that's fine.
Thanks for the cleanup, 

With the URL's I saw the lintian info, and thought, okay, next time.  
As for the predantic lintian message, fine as well, I usually don't run
these checks though. 

> For the next one, could you please have a look at enabling parallel
> building it, and maybe enabling hardening?
The parallel build are enabled, at least in the way I know (i.e. 
d/rules contains : 

	dh  $@ --parallel

And when I run "gbp buildpackage -j7" it compiles in parallel. 

Hardening should also be enabled, at least I see the 
-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 compile flag when compiling.  I know that there are
some lintian warnings that indicate otherwise, but in my experience the
compiler sometimes just optimizee things away because it sees that the
hardening code is not needed, and then lintian warns about it. 


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