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Re: GSoC Update

Hi Canberk,

On Fri, May 20, 2016 at 04:04:08AM +0300, Canberk Koç wrote:
> Hello Andreas,
> I execute script succesfully and have a list at last thank you :-) I look
> them and consider i start with most voted to the last like this list . And
> i'll talk with Tanya to avoid confliction.

Fine.  This was the sense of the list. :-)
>  emboss                   |  753 |

Please note that emboss is probably not a good thing to start with since
its quite complex.

>  pymol                    |  608 |
>  rasmol                   |  319 |

These both are maintained by the DebiChem team which is no reason to
stop us to enhance packages of cooperating teams but as far as I know
the packages need upstream upgrades as well which might cause problems.
Fixing those problems would be definitely very welcome (I think Tanya
announced that she wants to work on one of these).

>  clustalx                 |  162 |
>  ncbi-tools6              |  154 |
>  perlprimer               |  144 |
>  njplot                   |  141 |
>  treeviewx                |  109 |
>  ncbi-blast+              |   81 |
>  gbrowse                  |   80 |

You  might like to pick those from the list that you know to some extend
first.  There is no point in sticking to the sequence strictly.
> But first i complete exonerate package i remember it have some
> problems about test.

Its fine if you intend to enhance it.  I recently uploaded exonerate
with the existing test which at least is passing.
> My finals will start 30 May also how many package i must complete in a
> week to complete my task succesfuly what do you think

I admit that I have no realistic estimation for the number of packages
you can finally manage.  There might be packages where it is very simple
and with some experience in working on this in the end of the project it
sounds possible to do one package per day if it are easy ones.  But I do
not intend to make this a fixed number since I evaluate a well designed
test for an important package higher than just a simple tickmark behind
any package of the list.  If I see that you are busy working on those
packages and we get a third of the whole list done that's fine - if we
manage more that's better.  Defining "success" is also a long term goal.
I'd consider it success as well if you might keep on working inside the
team after the GSoC project has finished.
Kind regards



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