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Re: toppred and bowtie now reproducible

Hi Andreas,

>>> I've uploaded toppred.
>> Great, thanks!
> Hope your DD application will proceed so we can stop thanking each
> other. ;-)

I'm also DAM approved now, so all that's left is account creation :)

>> I have changed the corresponding patch in SVN to just set these to
>> these suggested fixed values. Many thanks for your hint.
> Its uploaded as in SVN.  BTW, according to my criterion "use Git once
> the source tarball was repackaged" which is the case here since we are
> removing the seqan code copy, we should move this package to Git sooner
> or later - latest with the next new upstream version.

Sure. I can also keep in mind to move packages with repacked upstream
tarballs to Git once I touch them.

>> After another run in my local r-b pipeline, I can confirm that the
>> package is still reproducible. So I guess we can go with the new version.
> Very cool that somebody of the team has a local r-b pipeline.  While I
> agree that this effort is really important I did not minded to install
> it here.  So its very good to know that somebody else is caring.

I'll try to look at the rest of the non-reproducible ones whenever I
have some spare time.


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