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4.3 on Sid Akonadi in KDE 4.3? Aug 1 & 16- Global VOIP Free SW HW Culture meeting, BerkeleyTIP, For Forwarding Compositing, plasma bog-down, x-crashes, etc. CPU / sensor monitor missing in 4.3 Re: CPU / sensor monitor missing in 4.3 (RESOLVED) Crash on kdesvn current openssl for unstable (0.9.8k-4) broken? Current problems (ie. help sought from the brains trust) Desktop effects not working anymore digiKam and KDE 4.2.3 ugrade Re: digiKam and KDE 4.3 upgrade Digikam doesn't show any images disk mounter plasmoid just stops working Editing fonts in Login Manager under System Settings Fighting kio_http_cache_cleaner KDE 3 stability (Was: Fighting kio_http_cache_cleaner) KDE4.3 curiosities KDE 4.3: Strigi? KDE4 - panel takes ages (10+ minutes) to show up kdebase-runtime upgrade problems KDE-Login stalls under 4.2.4... kdepim extragear googledata KDE stability (was: Re: KDE 3 stability) Re: KDE stability (was: Re: KDE 4.3 stability) Klipper actions lost (KDE 4.2.3) Konqueror cannot verify certificates Kopete Yahoo Plugin latest 4.3 packages (-2,-3) break plasma ? Meta data in information panel - KDE 4.3 Re: missing application icons More 4.3 Xorg Problems Nepomuk in KDE 4.3 Oddness with kopete after 4.3 upgrade Plasma applets with python Plasma Just Sits There plasma-widget-networkmanager in KDE 4.3 Printer configuration broken ind 4.3? Pulseaudio and its Daemons Re: Quanta (was: kdebase-runtime upgrade problems) Question on Desktop Styles Several packages potentially removed Several widgets not working Re: Sleep mode & lock screen Re: Smb4K adoption ssl configuraion dialog gone in 4.3? strigi and nepomuk in KDE 4.3 thanks Touchpad tap clicking unsuscribe Upgraded to kde 4.3 Upgrading to 4.3 Very Worrysome Episode Wayward dbus and hal daemons Weird behaviour - resize of konsoles has 2s delay X crashing? The last update was on 17:41 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 188 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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