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Re: Question on Desktop Styles

2009/8/14 Eric <eric.debian@gmail.com>:
> Hello !
> I have seen in this article http://polishlinux.org/kde/kde-43-early-preview/
> how to change the
> Desktop Styles. I can not do this:
> http://polishlinux.org/reviews/kde_4_3/full/r949375-desktop2-2.jpg
> and this http://polishlinux.org/reviews/kde_4_3/full/r949375-wallpaper.jpg
> Do you know why?
> Thanks !

For the wallpaper plugins install plasma-wallpapers-addons. The other
desktop containments (cluttered desktop, etc...) are not part of KDE
4.3, they are in KDE playground (i.e. under development).


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