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KDE stability (was: Re: KDE 3 stability)

Well as an added irony, kontact just hung after I typed the GPG and 
KWallet passwords in order to send this mail. It did that about other 
times and the latest time I looked hard whether I missed some dialog 
window. Another bug to report, if not already done. I usually to Ctrl-Alt-
Esc and click on the Kontact window to get rid of it and then hope that 
KMail remembers the mail which it fortunately always did till now.

Am Freitag 21 August 2009 schrieb jedd:
> On Fri 2009-08-21, Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> > Its a .0 release and 4.2.4 appeared to me more stable to me, but
> > still. For my taste its more than a tad bit too unstable and flaky
> > for a release and we are not talking about 4.0 that was clearly
> > marked as a developer release.
>  Hi Martin,


>  It's odd you say that, as my experience is the other way around.

Well to be a bit more concrete:

1) I had about 20 complete plasma crashes with Remember the Milk plasmoid 
alone, including that crash loop where plasma didn't even have the time to 
rebuilt itself until it crashed again.

2) Another 5-10 crashes of different applications while testing out KDE 4.3 
for the review, most of them reported, including KRunner, Kontact, KMail 
and Korganizer AFAIK. 

3) Then another 5 or more crashes today on writing an article about the 
plasma desktop, activities and installing 3rd party plasmoids.

4) I have another about ten new - that is KDE 4.3.0 - behavioural bugs 
uncovered in various applications. I have some of them reported, others 
are still to go.

I reported most of the crashes via DrKonqi if not already done and quite 
some other things manually, just have a look at my reports at 
http://bugs.kde.org. I also reported the suggestion to isolate Plasma from 
whatever plasmoids the user might choose to install. Quite some of the 
above crashes were due to trying some instable plasmoid, trying out google 
gadgets doing other funny things with the plasma desktop. And often it 
might not even have been plasma. But well if its just a plasmoid it 
shouldn't crash the whole desktop. And maybe it makes sense to remove some 
script engines from plasma until the stuff they interface is stable enough 
to let loose on the average user. As far as I see Kubuntu Jaunty just has 
no google script engine. Maybe for exactly that reason. It all falls back 
on plasma and KDE unless plasmoids run as separate processes or are 
otherwise isolated. At least those that are not using a script language.

Neither KDE 3.5, 3.4 nor 3.3 crashes that often on me.

Its actually frustrating to write an article about KDE and one about 
Plasma and having it behave like a crashtop instead of a desktop on just 
trying things that the average user might be up to trying as well - more 
than 30-40 crashes are just too many. And then to try to understand the 
causes of those crashes in order not to provide a inbalanced and 
frustrated review. I think I found a balance but at times I wanted to make 
a rant out of my two articles. Let's see what the editors make out of my 
review parts in the article.

I see its a point 0, I see I didn't start reporting things until I started 
writing the articles - but them I am not the only bug reporter -, I see 
that not at all every crash is in KDE's core functionality, there might be 
lack of developer man power, but still this seems ridicoulous to me.

Well enough venting for now, I have to eat something, have a nice walk and 
then go back to my Plasma article.

>  Having said that, most of the really irritating bugs from 4.2 are
>  still with us, and 4.3 introduced at least one new irritation .. plus
>  I'm also experiencing the nepomuk and various other daemons
>  doing their gronk-the-hard-disk-to-death thing.  It'd be nice(r) if
>  I could crank up some dashboard for those that shows me what it's
>  actually doing - even something very basic like amarok's progress
>  bar for when it scans in 60GB of .ogg's - just so you know if there's
>  an end in sight.  I have a lot of data, but not much of it changes
>  very often, so I'm bewildered why these daemons chew through the
>  CPU and IO as much and as often as they do.

And they should ionice nicely, I did not look at that yet.

Martin 'Helios' Steigerwald - http://www.Lichtvoll.de
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