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Re: Weird behaviour - resize of konsoles has 2s delay

Alle martedì 25 agosto 2009, jedd ha scritto:
>  Hi Valerio,
>  Thanks for your suggestion, and your xorg device section.
>  I copied that into my xorg, replacing my existing sections for
>  my two 8600's.
>  It just took 8 seconds to resize an empty (apart from a prompt)
>  konsole that occupied a third of the screen.
>  That is, I click and hold the top edge, and move the mouse up or
>  down, and then wait.
>  8 seconds!  Hot dang!
>  I've counted up to 11 seconds in some cases, but it usually
>  hovers around the 3-6 second mark.
>  I'm not convinced it's a KDE 4 problem, but it doesn't seem like an
>  X problem simply because it is affecting konsole and, seemingly,
>  nothing else.  I think I saw a bit of tardy response from okular,
>  but that hasn't been repeatable.  It doesn't appear to be text-
>  based, as this email window (kmail) can resize very quickly.
>  Ditto other applications I use (OOo, quanta, konq, iceweasel,
>  amarok) -- all of them tend to be text-heavy.
>  I modified my konsole settings - for several years I've used the
>  dark/transparent background - but I went back to something
>  more conservative just on the off-chance.  No change.
>  I made the changes that thread you posted suggested - these
>  were nvidia-settings from a user-level account - and again, no
>  change.
>  Remember, I'm on a quad-core box, 2GB ram, very little happening
>  on the CPU front (trickling along at 8% on average), and one monitor.
>  7 seconds - consistently! - just to resize one type of application
>  is a particularly curious little bug.
>  Hence I was interested if anyone else around these parts is seeing
>  anything similar.  It's looking like I might be on my own, though.
>  cheers,
>  Jedd.

Sorry for replying just now, I've been away. Have you the same problem on both 
your PCs? Have you tried to login with a fresh account just to check that this 
is not a problem related to configuration? My PC has half the power 
of your and it's always smooth so your problem is really weird ;).
Other things I suggest to check are:
Compositing type: OpenGL
Mark Enable Direct Rendering
Unmark Use Vsync
OpenGL mode Texture from pixmaps
Let me know your progresses

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