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Re: KDE stability (was: Re: KDE 4.3 stability)

 Entirely agree about plasma being a source of some pretty
 nasty crashes - I tend to not fiddle with it much now - I've
 got weather, two cartoons, and the world time map going,
 and they all seem to be rock stable.

 I like your / ubuntu's idea of not providing things known to
 be a 'bit dodgy', but OTOH Debian's all about providing stuff
 so that users can decide what they want to run - it's a tough
 call, as the Debian maintainers are going to cop grief with
 whichever path they follow there.

 I think there's also lots of nasty things going on with xorg at
 the moment, and presumably the various chipset drivers.  On
 my laptop - an intel driver - one of the window management
 options - I think flip-switch - causes kwin to die silently.  All the
 other, seemingly comparably CPU-stressing task-switching options
 are fine.

 On my desktop (beefy quad core) I'm finding re-sizing konsoles that
 are close to full-screen height causes a 2-3 second delay.  Moving
 them is just fine.  Half-screen sized or smaller konsoles seems fine
 too.  This is an especially weird thing - X freezes, so hard to check
 with sysguard or top/konsole to see exactly what's happening.  It
 may be related to my proprietary nVidia drivers .. but this seems
 unlikely given it seems to only affect konsoles.

 But .. yeah .. the number of crashes you're having reminds me of my
 early time, around April, when 4.2.2, along with some major xorg
 upgrades, first entered unstable.

 Apart from konqueror(html) windows occasionally just dying - also
 silently (which is *very* disturbing) and the occasional complete lock
 up (again, this might be X more than K) - I'm finding 4.3 a big
 improvement. Not back to 3.5.9 levels of stability, but getting there.


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