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Re: Klipper actions lost (KDE 4.2.3)

El Divendres 07 Agost 2009 14:28:39, Valerio Passini va escriure:
> I think the default klipper's behaviour has been changed upon request
> because it was annoying.

Seems that is a bug, the developer says:

Control+Alt+R forces action menu open.

> Probably you can restore it creating a filter with
> an action, but the man pages are really old and it's not explained how to
> do it.

Yes, I've searched for this because old Klipper configuration doesn't work.

> Just one link got googling around about this topic:
> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Klipper


> P.S.: why do you call it 4.2.3? Do you have KDE4.2.3 for real? It would be
> strange since it never was packaged and 4.2.4 came after 4.2.2

Ooops!  KDE 4.3, sorry!


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