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Re: Pulseaudio and its Daemons

On Friday 21 August 2009 13:16:48 Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Thursday, 2009-08-20, David Baron wrote:
> > KDE 4.3 comes up with pulseaudio whether I want it or not. If I were to
> > use it, I need to start it with options other than the default used, I
> > sincerely believe.
> Which package did you install that depends on Pulseaudio?
> Can't you just remove it if you have mixing capabilities elsewhere (driver,
> hardware, etc)?

Easy enough. However, pulse is just there. It is not causing problems and some 
future version might even be useful!
> > Problem is that, as I have stated, an instance of hald and dbus, owned by
> > haldaemon and messageboxd.., are started with it. These bog down the
> > system. Plasma-desktop will be taking > 30%, the daemns 10-20%, this
> > idle.
> I think the system bus D-Bus and HAL are started through the init scripts.
> After all they are system daemons, not user session ones.
Correct. They used to be root-owned, now they have their own owners (please 
> > WIthout these daemons, pulseaudio will not start and there may be
> > difficulties restarting kde as well. I think this needs to be brought
> > under control, huh?
> Certain features will not work if they require interaction with system
> components (powermanagement settings, network settings, etc), but there
> should be not problem starting KDE.

KDE will not start if I have killed them. Runs fine without them until Ilog 

Since these were there before 4.3 and other recent Sid upgrades, they in 
themselves are not the problem. Something in  4.3's core or in recent Xorg is 
exercising them.

There is other discussion on this list about kde's daemons, loads of them, 
boggin things down and the work must be done here. One small step is not using 
Nepomuk but this is the tip of the iceberg. Since it is not just a CPU problem 
but an io glut, that quad-core screamer will not help.

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