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KDE 3 stability (Was: Fighting kio_http_cache_cleaner)

On Fri 2009-08-21, Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> Its a .0 release and 4.2.4 appeared to me more stable to me, but
> still. For my taste its more than a tad bit too unstable and flaky
> for a release and we are not talking about 4.0 that was clearly
> marked as a developer release.

 Hi Martin,

 It's odd you say that, as my experience is the other way around.

 I looked at KDE4 a year ago, then quickly retreated back to 3.5, but
 like many of us here got led back into 4.2.2 when it hit unstable. 

 I found 4.2.4 slightly better - but I've really found 4.3 much more
 usable.  Sure, there are some bugs that should have been cleaned up
 sometime around, but on the whole I'm seeing less system
 crashes, less unpredictability, and a generally 'more pleasant

 Having said that, most of the really irritating bugs from 4.2 are
 still with us, and 4.3 introduced at least one new irritation .. plus
 I'm also experiencing the nepomuk and various other daemons
 doing their gronk-the-hard-disk-to-death thing.  It'd be nice(r) if
 I could crank up some dashboard for those that shows me what it's
 actually doing - even something very basic like amarok's progress
 bar for when it scans in 60GB of .ogg's - just so you know if there's
 an end in sight.  I have a lot of data, but not much of it changes
 very often, so I'm bewildered why these daemons chew through the
 CPU and IO as much and as often as they do.


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