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Re: KDE4.3 curiosities

 Compositing works fine for me (nVidia proprietary drivers)

 My curiosities (after a very short while of using 4.3) :
 o  kmail still(!) doesn't remember column positions
 o  system settings - has gone to double-click mode and can't
     be set back to single-click mode
 o  fonts changed in konqueror, but still investigating (it might just
     be a default size change)
 o  as per someone else's observation, CPU widget not showing any
     CPU's - this might require system-monitoring thing to be set
 o  seems more stable, but it'll take me a few days to say for sure
 o  little (i) in sys-tray seems to be a permanent fixture now
 o  can't work out if i'm now running oxygen-air or not! :)

 Still poking around, but so far it looks good (as in it's working
 as well as 4.2.4 did).  Certainly no show-stoppers - so a big thanks
 to the Debian maintainers for the upgrade!


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