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[no subject] ! GET YOUR UNIVERSITY{} DIPLOMA "Deleted on server" error in KMail (sid) apt-get install kde kdm fails Re: Problème de clavier Problème de clavier Réponse automatique d'absence du bureau : Text add fonts to kde all KDE apps take several minutes to start Best Vacancy in Service Finance Inc. Re: Bug#377689: Cannot mount usb key (and I read the archives) CUPS hosed again? deaths result cardiac seizures Re: Debian@aKademy disconnect kopete by command line (or python script) without killing it external soundcard fewer your fewer your on File sharing programe file sharing programmes and apollon config Re[2]: Get INFX First Thing Tomorrow, This Is Going To Exp 1ode! Fw: Re: GET YOUR UNIVERSITY{} DIPLOMA How to remove subcomponents of KDE? Fwd: I have job for you installing kde isnt what jackd errors k3b always closes cd k3b can't eject cd KDE not showing 'weird chars' correctly? kdevelop translating kile 1.9 in testing? Re: Kmail and spamassasin bayes rule. knetworkmanager bug reporting knode and newsgroup spam filtering konsole jargon KPatience kills usb hub?! kvoctrian HOWTO? looking for sound and music production, step sequencer programmes make local printer a network printer midi programs error RE: Notification -- ljf play games on linux QampAFup. RANT about fonts with KDE Updates Re: Remote logins with KDM say: search in the konqueror history Sports: Fantasy This category tetaqyme thesaurus access most Windows UNSUSCRIBE USB cdrom does not appear on desktop volume window blocking screen Webguide Browse By: Audio Why is kded eating so much CPU? The last update was on 10:25 GMT Sun Jun 17. There are 153 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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