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all KDE apps take several minutes to start

Hi all,

Please CC me in replies - I'm not on the list.

I've gotten this weird bug that seems to be something in KDE, since I am only
noticing the behaviour in KDE applications.  What happens is that some (not all)
KDE applications take several minutes to start, then they work perfectly.

For example, clicking on the k-menu button in my panel has no effect for 5 or so
minutes, then the menu pops up and behaves fine.  Clicking on the konqueror
quick-start button in the panel has a similar effect - nothing for several
minutes, then it's fine.  The same thing happens if I start the kde application
with the typed command.  The same thing happens if I try to kill a KDE app -
killing kicker, for example, does nothing for a few minutes, and my system
evidently thinks kicker is still running (though it'll be frozen), because it
won't start a new kicker process.  After a few minutes, the process dies, then I
can start a new kicker with no trouble.

I'm running unstable on a laptop that has had no problems whatsoever for ages.
All the other (ie non-kde) applications in my system seem to work fine, and some
of the KDE applications (examples are knetwalk and konsole) work fine too.  The
computer is perfectly fast enough that things should start in seconds, not
minutes, and it isn't swapping furiously or running the processor in the several
minutes that it takes for something like konqueror to start.

It seems to me that some signals in KDE (like start-konqueror, kill-kicker,
open-kmenu) are getting held up somehow, and not going through to the system for
a few minutes.  Once they go through everything is normal.  But I don't know
enough to guess whether this is a real possibility or just a nice analogy.

I've never seen anything like this, I don't know what I did to produce it (ie I
didn't do anything weird with my KDE settings or anything), and I don't know how
to diagnose and fix it.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,



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