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Re: CUPS hosed again?

Von: Geoff Bagley <geoff.bagley@btinternet.com>
An: "PD Dr.-Ing. C. Hurschler" <hurschler@gmx.de>
> PD Dr.-Ing. C. Hurschler wrote:
> > it seems as if in the last few days CUPS has been changed (broken!)
> again.  
> > After an apt-get dist-upgrade in etch I get
> > 
> Dear Chris.
> On my dual-boot machine (Sarge + Etch) CUPS works fine on Sarge,
> but not so on Etch.
>   I guess it's a rights problem again, although it also occurs when 
> logged in as root.
> Can you please clarify "rights problem " ?
> Do you mean a legal one, or Unix permissions ?
I meant user rights.  The last time CUPS quit working a few weeks ago after an upgrade it was becaues device rights were not being set to the correct user group by udev (If I remember correctly).

This time it seems to be something else bacause it doesn't work as root either...



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