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Re: RANT about fonts with KDE Updates

Am Samstag 09 September 2006 11:02 schrieb Andy Parkins:
> On Saturday 2006, September 09 06:08, Paul Johnson wrote:
> > I've never had this problem and I run sid.  I don't use the same fonts as
> > the theme I use though, seems like some of the theme defaults could have
> > a slightly more visible choices.  I may be correctable to 20/20, but that
> > doesn't mean I can read flyspeck 3 at a comfortable distance from the
> > monitor.
> In that case your X server DPI is probably wrong.  Try removing the forced
> DPI override in /etc/kde3/kdmrc, and X will have a go at reading your
> monitor size from the monitor.  If it can't you can always set it manually
> with the "DisplaySize" option in /etc/X11/xorg.conf's "Monitor" section.

With a recent reinstall, KDM did not have such a default. Unless your monitor 
is not removable from the card (e.g. a laptop), you should always give the 
DisplaySize option (in case that the monitor is off during start of X).

> It's a bit of hassle to set up, but I really recommend putting the effort
> in.

I agree. Especially on displays with a higher resolution, it gives you a small 

> KDE is the only desktop that seems to respect DPI size,


> GNOME has taken the 
> crazy MS route of saying all displays are 96dpi.

AFAIK, you can still set it to "system settings".

> The advantage is that you 
> can use the same KDE settings on different computers, and always have the
> fonts come out at a comfortable size for you.

The problem surely is badly programmed softeware. I recently saw what firefox 
does on a high resolution display (10" laptop): I was not amused. It just 
sucks, under Windows more than Linux but that is just relative to "needs more 
work", better than old Mozilla, though.
Some of it surely relates to wrong website programming. After all those years, 
they just don't get it :-(

And whatever you think of it: do not try this under Windows. It kind of works 
but is _really_ ugly and most programs fail to work correctly. I hope they 
get this fixed with Windows Vista, they have to catch up a lot.


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