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Re: looking for sound and music production, step sequencer programmes

On Monday 04 September 2006 16:53, Han wrote:

> am looking for a step sequencer for linux simmilar to fruity loops on
> windows and other music and song production software that can replace
> what i used to use in windows
> anything to replace: Sony Soundforge
>                                  Reason
>                                  Fruity loops
>                                  Ntrack


As well as the suggestions so far, you could try some other approaches: have a 
look at Rosegarden (Midi and audio sequencer and scoring), Hydrogen (drum 
sequencer), Freewheeling and Kluppe (loopers), Freebirth 
(synthesiser/sequencer/sampler), Jackbeat (audio sequencer), to name a few.

(Note that some of these require the jack sound server to be installed and 
running, and a softsynth like fluidsynth can make life easier too - I 
recommend the qjackctl and qsynth frontends for these.)

And have a browse through the sound section of the Debian package lists to see 
what else you can find!

Good luck,


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