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Re: knode and newsgroup spam filtering

Adam Porter wrote, On 2006-09-25 18:15:
Arthur Marsh wrote:

Hi, I'm rapidly running out of newsreaders to try on Debian Unstable that
will do what I want, and wonder if someone could help with knode

Hi Arthur,

You're in luck!  I've been struggling with this for quite a while, and just
a few minutes ago I figured it out.  The secret is that in the Scoring
Rules editor, you can enter whatever field you want in the Conditions.  So
for me, I entered this:

Name: GMANE Detected Spam
Groups: .* (I actually left this empty, but KNode put the .* in all by

(x) Match all conditions  ( ) Match any conditions
( ) Not  (Newsgroups) (Contains Substring)

(Adjust Score) (-100)

Notice that in the Conditions, I entered "Newsgroups", even though that's
not one of the six choices in the drop-down list.

Thanks, I found the documentation a bit frustrating (and the screen images seemed to be a few versions old).

After doing that, you may have to select all the messages in a newsgroup and
run Recalculate Scores, but I think it should apply to all new messages.

There is some spam that doesn't get detected by GMANE, especially ones whose
spam content is just an image, but this catches everything that GMANE

(I just upgraded to KNode=4:3.5.4-1 tonight, and I'm not sure if you could
enter a custom field in earlier versions.  If so...duh.  If not, yay, they
finally added it!)

I ended up going with leafnode and using Thunderbird for email and news.

leafnode has more manual fiddling than most Debian packages I've installed, but at least it's working.


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